Things to Be Included in a Thesis Paper on Water Quality

A thesis is an academic paper of a big importance. As all academic projects, it has a number of elements that should be found in it, otherwise, it will be turned down by reviewers. You need to know what should be included in your project before you start writing your thesis on the water quality.

Basic Elements of a Thesis Paper

In your paper, you represent the subject and topic of your research, its goals, your own hypothesis, the analysis of other researchers’ works on the same subject, your own research on the water quality and all the connected matters, with its unique findings, and the way these findings can be used in practice. All this should be organized in a certain way that is determined by the type of the project.

There are three main parts in any thesis paper: an intro, body, and conclusions, but apart from these main parts there are several minor elements that are no less important.

  1. A title page.
  2. Represents the title of the work, your name, your supervisor’s name, the name of your university and other important details. Make sure that your work has a good title because it’s also very important for a good thesis paper. check out whether the title exactly matches the topic of your paper, for example, “The effectiveness of water cleaning methods in regions with highly contaminated natural sources of water”, etc.

  3. Contents.
  4. This is the part that helps your readers navigate the work. Make sure it contains no mistakes.

  5. Introduction.
  6. This part of your work is among the most important ones. It helps your readers develop the first and most important impression of your research. Make it informative but not too long.

  7. Body.
  8. This part represents your research as it is, with all the used methods and details of your investigation on the subject. Check online editing services for help before submitting your work. They surely know how to make your thesis better.

  9. Conclusions.
  10. This is another important part of your paper because it shows your readers what you have achieved in the course of your research and after the application of the chosen methods.

  11. Bibliography.
  12. This chapter includes the list of all the reference sources you have used in your work.

  13. Appendices.
  14. Here you locate all the graphic materials, tables, and other documents that cannot be attached to the body of your research.

Additional Parts of a Thesis Paper

It’s quite possible that your supervisor will explain to you which other parts should be found in your project or which should not. Follow these instructions carefully and you will have a great project.

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