How To Find And Select A Good Thesis Topic

There is a charitable project called Effective Thesis that focuses its aim on placing research into areas on subjects that are considered vital to the developing world but lack the attention they deserve.

This article was written by David Janku. After completing his degree in Psychology, he heads the Effective Thesis project on a full-time basis. He puts his focus to prioritize problems from all corners of the world and alternatively seeks to improve the effectiveness of research. He explains the objectives and aims of the work, and anyone can become a participant. In his own words, he states:

When I reached my final year in pursuing my degree, I realized how hard and tedious it is to find a thesis topic that suits you. I was in readiness to put more effort into my thesis coursework by inputting all that I had. Enormous projects gave me some motivation to keep going. In the end, I was happy that I had reached a milestone. The stepback I had was that I was not sure what I wanted to put this so much effort on and even asked my classmates, but they too were speechless.

When pushing came to shove, most of my classmates fell on easy topics that they would not have any trouble researching whatsoever. In the back of my mind, I knew which area I had an interest in. The only setback was that I was not sure of the specifics of the whole situation. The minute I overheard that one of the tutors had specialized in the area and was ready to offer individual topics, it took me no time to intervene. I had an appointment set up with him and accepted the one he proposed. I did not know anything about it, but I was eager to learn and research. I got relieved because the teacher yanked me off the foam of searching for a suitable topic.

When I look back at that time, I can only imagine the attention we gave to those pieces of work and how far we have come. On completion of my studies at the bachelor’s level, I decided to leave a mark on it. People from the altruism community had earlier researched world problems. Many of the issues have not seen the light of the attention of researchers. It was my golden opportunity to create a link between setbacks that needed solutions with students actively searching for topics to discuss.

That is when the idea of a website came to me. I still did not feel like it was enough to offer the topics only. I projected more help. When I was in my finals, one thought I hated was the one that my work would not have the recognition I wanted it to have. The time I invested in the thesis was not to store the document at home. I took the opportunity to reach out to organizations and asked them if they had an area of interest they would like to base research on but cannot do it.

I managed to sort out questions from the organizations and ended up creating some topics including, their justifications and provided the sources that would help the students read and get information.

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